Welcome to our manufactory.

The new generation of door handles is meticously hand-crafted in our forge in southern Germany.

The VULCAN Activity handle is based on a lightweight chassis, which protects your door from abrasion. A clever magnet technology relieves the lock during rest periods.

A special novelty in terms of comfort and safety: During operation, the opposite door handle remains in its rest position.

The production of the VULCAN door handles begins with the selection of the materials. We use lifestyle materials such as a specific aluminium alloy, brass, copper, hardened steel, carbon, selected wood and cork. In combination with an enormously scratch-resistant surface finish of velvety-matt anodised, brushed inox-style, black, matt or shiny chrome-plated, antique copper-plated to exclusively gold-plated, we achieve the desired luxurious optic of the highest standart. Our manual production process leaves room for individuality.

We manufacture your personal door handle for you!

VULCAN – Quality and innovation that is worth the price.

No easy life – endurance test in the laboratory.

Our door handle was subjected to a continuous stress test. Even after thousands of movements, it still works flawlessly!