Insights into the ‘New World of Door Handles’

The VULCAN model range opens up entirely new perspectives and options for customization and coordination with your personally designed interior. From simple elegance, classic vintage style, integrated wood art to futuristic object design, our lifestyle collections leave nothing to be desired.

Each VULCAN activity grip impresses with precise technology, excellent ergonomics and a flattering feel. The harmonious material and color matching in combination with a noble surface character completes this picture.

Special requests possible!

Long Pipe

Cool Pipe


Indian Summer

Hot Classic

Crystal Classic

Old Copper

Carbon Class





VULCAN – Quality and innovation that is worth the price.

Matching Plates

By default, we deliver the plates to the base, you just need to select the correct hole. If a different material is desired (for example matching the handle), please contact us via email.

Plates drilling

For the lock bore, select from Stack bart (BB), Profilecylinder (PZ) or without bore.


Bathroom or toilet doors sometimes require special lock variants. Chrome and Inox-Style are the only currently available surfaces.